Mikey’s “New York” Grilling Marinades

When flavor matters…Make it with Mikey’s!

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The Flagship – ORIGINAL Steak Marinade
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The original version of our steak marinade was created over 30 years ago. The unique blend of exotic spices and herbs, combined with three unique aged, imported, Balsamic vinegars and authentically aged and brewed premium soy sauce creates its own special “umami” taste sensation.
Mikey’s brings out the natural flavors of the meat without ever masking the true tastes of the finest cuts. Mikey’s allows you to grill ultra-premium meat to desired temperature while maintaining its natural juiciness and enhancing its delightful flavor.
Mikey’s is truly unique!
Try it and experience the finest flavor of a grilled steak!
Mikey’s “Hot & Spicy” Steak Marinade
We have taken the Original version to a different level. A few added spices and specially selected and prepared hot peppers are added to endow the right amount of “heat” to please demanding palates, while still allowing natural steak flavor to shine through. Try it as a baste to kick up ordinary burgers.
Mikey’s New York “Kickin Chickin” Marinade
So many people were telling us that they love our Original “New York” Steak marinade on every type of meat, including chicken, that we decided to market the unique marinade we have always used for grilling Chicken. Basically, it is a base of our Original, with a good portion of additional family-secret herbs and spices that make the “New York” Kickin Chickin marinade taste “oh so…oh” full with flavor. Buy extra chicken to grill; everybody will want more when you make it with Mikey’s Kickin Chickin Marinade.  Try it on shrimp for the barby too.
Mikey’s New York “Central Park Pork” Marinade
Again, the Original version was being used so often by regular fans on pork that we wanted to share the special pork marinade we use at home. The flavors are reminiscent of Italian Tuscan-style pork. Specially selected herbs and spices allow us to dream of a Tuscan hillside table for dinner, with a main course of delectable Pork. This flavor idea was developed back home in New York, and is now yours to enjoy as well.