About us….

Mikey’s Marinade is truly a family project, headed up by Michael Romano.  A celebrated chef for his family and friends, Michael has been prompted for many years to bring his famous marinade to all people who enjoy life with a flare for great flavor.

Michael (Mikey), his wife, his two sons, and his two daughters, all have a hand at making Mikey’s Marinade the most sought after marinade on the planet.  From the initial label development, to packaging and shipping, it’s a family project that keeps the family quite busy.  “Sharing the enjoyment of Mikey’s Marinade with others is worth all the efforts,” says Michael.

Michael Romano developed his keen taste for flavor early in life growing up as young boy from Italian heritage.  Michael has studied fine wines most of his life.  Again, flavor becomes the key word.  Michael, a certified sommelier, continues to study wines daily.  Tasting thousands of wines, traveling the world, he is always searching for FLAVOR.  He knows he has developed a marinade that brings out the most natural flavor of steak when using Mikey’s Marinade.

The wish from everyone at Mikey’s Marinade is that you enjoy the product as much as we do.  Share it with your family and friends.  Let them experience steak like no other.  Light the grill!

When flavor matters…..Make it with Mikey’s!